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Whatever is good for your soul…. do that

We offer year round Vacation Cottage Rentals, Private (or small group) Equine Guided Retreats and Equestrian Vaulting Programming for horse lovers of all ages and abilities.

We are nature loving animal acquiring enthusiasts, who wish to share our love of Okanagan Farm Living with YOU. 

Ready for a weekend get away in the country? Our charming cottage in the woods awaits you. 

Desire to enhance or explore a connection with horses in a thoughtful, conscious manner?  Where BOTH horse and human are seen, heard and accepted?

Then I am your guide.   

Below are the ways we can connect

Why Choose Graystar Farms

"Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results"

– Albert Einstein

What is your MIND - BODY - SPIRIT yearning for ? 



Imagine nurturing yourself in NATURE. Rejuvenating your spirit through HORSE-PLAY, exploring your awareness through your SENSES and connecting with your inner wisdom through your ANIMAL BODY.

Release the task of planning and thinking about how, where or what to do, instead connect with us at Graystar Farms & Spa. 



BE – In nature, commune with horses, move your body, rest your mind

DO –  Hike, swim, pedal, golf, read, write, paint, ride or play with horses. The list go on and on….  

HAVE – Experiences of Peace, Joy, Play, Relaxation, and Vibrancy, Healing

We hold the vision here at Graystar Farms, of togetherness in Nature.  We welcome collaborating and co-existing with land, water, and animals.   Our goal is to share this land, its inhabitants and its resources to support our collective AND individual healing. We gratefully acknowledge this farm is located in the territory of the Okanagan Nation, home of the SnPink’tn first nation peoples.

What People Are Saying

This farm is located in the territory of the Okanagan Nation, home of the SnPink’tn first nation peoples.

Hold your horses,
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