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Okanagan Wellness Farm

Heal with Horses ~ Restore in Nature

When we look deep into NATURE we understand everything better (Einstein).

The energy of animals, restorative outdoor spa, and sacred containers of support offered at Graystar Farms is  both magic & medicine for your body-mind and spirit. 

We are a picturesque 10 acre sanctuary, nestled at the base of Mount Parker in the Okanagan Valley, located in the heart of wine and lake country.


What is Graystar Farms ?

We hold a vision of harmony between land, animals and humanity
  • We believe that healthful, supported individuals create healthy and supportive families, communities and world 


  • We believe both REST and PLAY are of high value for the human Mind, Body & Spirit 


  • We believe that time in Nature, connecting to SELF – OTHERS & the NATURAL WORLD is a healing salve for one’s soul 


  • We are certified and insured (mental health & counselling) professionals, committed to sharing restorative and healing practices 
skilled space holders, sharing the transformative power of rest + nature

Tracy & Darren.... Vision Holders of Graystar Farms

Tracy & Darren left their familiar Sunshine Coast life to embrace a new chapter – building a wellness farm in the South Okanagan.

Covid invited an opportunity to re-evaluate their work-life balance and get clear on HOW they wanted to live, and WHAT felt most important to them at this empty nester stage of life

 They decided to follow their intuition and explore creating a farm-life-vibe that felt peace-filled, restorative and harmonious with the seasons.

Claiming this land as their own, has been healing in action for them.  Living a life by their own design, sharing their gifts AND this farm sanctuary with others – is the MEDICINE they offer the world. 


We gratefully acknowledge this farm is located in the territory of the Okanagan Nation, home to the SnPink’tn First Nation peoples.

What People Are Saying

This farm is located in the territory of the Okanagan Nation, home of the SnPink’tn first nation peoples.

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