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About Tracy & Darren

Tracy ~ Coach/Mentor, Visionary, Horse-Medicine Woman

I was a child, enamoured with Horses. Nature and animals were my most sacred relationships. The places where my instinctual and authentic nature could relax and feel free. 

Culture, indoctrination, domestication, and patriarchy, (just to name a few) stripped me of my inner knowing and imposed expectations that I would spend decades shedding. 

The call of the horse has felt strong for my entire life. They have always held a unique medicine for my body, mind and spirit.  Horses have been my medicine animal and spirit guide, as well as a trusted partner, friend and teacher for the last 25 + years.

What has become apparent to me, is that we are in need of restorative spaces where human animals get to rest and recover from the stresses and mental load of modern life.

Communing with the land, connecting with the animals, and allowing your bodies to detoxify, decompress and dissolve into natures embrace, is a kind of medicine that transforms lives.  


 Education & Training 

  • IFS (internal family systems informed) coach  
  • Bachelor (undergrad) degree in  Counselling Children, Youth & Families (BA CYCC)  
  • Certified: Equine Guided Educator, Equine Vaulting Instructor, Equine Therapeutic & Western Riding Coach, Restorative Yoga,  Crisis-Intervention, Compassionate Inquiry   
  • Mother, wife, daughter, granddaughter, sister, friend, cowgirl, guide 

Darren ~ Strong, Steady, Kind

Darren is the man behind the scenes. He makes magic happen. He’s steadfast. Trustworthy. Strong. Reliable. Curious and fiercely loyal. 

Darren chops the wood. Lights the fires. Moves the heavy things. Makes the best damn coffee. Has the most amazing laugh. And loves sharing this Okanagan farm lifestyle and its many blessings with all who land here. 

Darren adores his pack of dogs, multi-day hiking and knows everything a person can know, about Grizzly Bears. 

He’s spent the last 25+ years working in Mental Health and Addictions on the notorious downtown eastside (Vancouver BC)  and is satisfied to be creating a way of life that feels grounding and joyful. 

This farm is located in the territory of the Okanagan Nation, home of the SnPink’tn first nation peoples.