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About Us

The Humans

Tracy Gray

Howdy, this is me. In my element. Living in alignment with my soul.

As the vision holder of Graystar Farms, I want to welcome you here. I suspect that you too are drawn to the magnificence of horses for a reason. 

Let me share a bit about who I am and why I’m in LOVE with what I do. 

I’m a major manifestor. I dreamt of this life long before it came to fruition. I am skilled at creating something out of nothing. I cherish my home life. As a domestic goddess of sorts, I love to cook, garden, decorate and care for animals.   

My road to recovery has included deprograming from religious indoctrination, healing from a painful divorce and practicing being compassionate around the complexity of the mother wound. My ever evolving spiritual life provides me with deep grounding and endless inspiration. 

As a resilient, and determined horsewoman – I’m masterful at seeing your story, and supporting you as you own it. 

I am passionate about helping women and children in particular, connect with their inherent value, power and purpose in life. The future is female – I am here to hold literal space for our continued expansion. 

My big vision is to support humans in reconnecting with what is wild and free about themselves and learn how to harness it, in order to promote healing. For self, others and our planet. 

Such experiences soothe souls and heal hearts. 

As a certified and HCBC insured coach of 20+ years and lifelong student/teacher of yoga and pilates – I have come to learn that joy and peace are the fruits of living a life in alignment with one’s soul.  

During the most challenging of times, I draw on my formal education (BA in Child & Youth Counselling) AND the wisdom of horses, as a medicine that soothes body – mind – spirit. 


“We teach best what we most need to learn”

-Richard Bach

I am an excellent teacher of finding rhythm & flow, cultivating courage, navigating transitions, trusting your intuition, practicing living in your divine feminine essence, and playing your way towards optimum health and wellness.


This is Darren. He’s the man behind the curtain. He makes magic happen. He’s steadfast. Trustworthy. Strong. Reliable. Curious and fiercely loyal. 

Darren chops the wood. Lights the fires. Moves the heavy things. Makes the best damn coffee. Has the most amazing laugh. And loves sharing this Okanagan farm lifestyle and its many blessings with people just like YOU. 

Darren adores his pack of dogs. Enjoys multi-day hiking and back pack trips, and knows everything a man can possibly know, about Grizzly Bears. 

He’s spent the last 25+ years working in Mental Health and Addictions on the notorious downtown eastside (Vancouver BC)  and is overjoyed to be stepping into a way of life that feels both wild and free for his soul.  

The Animals

We currently have 3 horses and 2 mini-donkeys on the farm.

  • Biscuit –  a 19 yr old Quarter Horse Mare
  • Her sister Zoe –  also a 19 yr old Quarter Horse mare.
  • Our big boy Silver – 9 year old Percheron crossed Morgan Gelding.
  • Bunny & Jenny, a bonded pair of 20 something, mini-donkeys.
  • Ruby – our 6 month old Corgi busy body
  • Leo – our 3 month old Australian Shepard Puppy


We have an assortment of resident laying hens and Roger their Rooster. During the spring/summer months we farm fresh Turkeys and meat birds. And last, 2 honey bee hives.


Here’s what some of our favorite Clients have to say about their experience on the  farm and with the horses.

This farm is located in the territory of the Okanagan Nation, home of the SnPink’tn first nation peoples.