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Tracy Gray ~ Compassionate Cowgirl

Why Collaborations are bringing MAGIC to the MASSES

In post-pandemic living, where many of us have moved, changed jobs (or at least HOW we do our work) life feels pretty different out there. 

Many of us are living in the angsty territory of recovering from SOCIAL DISTANCING while also YEARNING for more social contact, meaningful connections, and some in-person stuff at long last!   Some of us still experience a felt FEAR around being with others, touching, sharing space, and the lost art of exchanging differing ideas, while looking another in the eyes.

It’s a calamity of connection. 

Those who’s Medecine is rooted in creating belonging, sacred spaces to honour healing, touch, breathe, collective movement, sacred circles, witchy practices and shamanic healings – are amidst a rebirth.

NEW WAYS of being together.

Deeper, wider, messier. With more complexity and greater nuance. The labour of love to hold such space, cannot successfully fall on the shoulders of a single soul. We are ALOT us humans. Many of us Awesome, some of us Assholes. Our needs are vast and varied, our skin sometimes thin and easily torn, exposing all the tender bits that haven’t seen the social light of day in literally YEARS.

We are entering the season of co-creation. Collaborations. Magic sharing. Creative collusions. Whatever you wanna call it – it’s connection oriented teamwork !

Those called as collaborators of magic and meaning and medicine and mentorship – do so in communities where resources and support are generously forthcoming. Where the togetherness and Magic of Many, becomes the backdrop for evolving communities of PURPOSE, PLAY, HEALING and GROWTH. 

Gone are the days of a one WOMAN or one MAN show. The truth of creating in anti-patriarchal ways, means living in creatively communal ways.

It’s how horses exist within herds. With various roles that are consistently shifting and evolving as new members come and go, and as the seasons pass. Horses exist in intuitively collaborative communities, that reflect the natural world. It’s how they conserve their energy so no one Mare is carrying the mental-emotional and spiritual load of a family or herd. 

 Collaborations remind us there is an interconnectedness that runs deep into the Earth, and wide into the Waters.  Our lives and needs are diverse, our needs and wants are many. Our power together is exponential.

Together, those of us who are healers, witches, medecine women, mystics, artists, shaman and guides, are uniting their BEINGNESS with how it is they’re offering their DOING. 

Collaborations. Shared Spaces. Unity. Interconnectedness. Fusions. Partnerships. Alliances. Community Care. 

If this speaks to your spirit and you’re keen and curious to connect over collaborations, community care, and making magic in a space of togetherness – your in the right place.

This land beckons to heal the old, while welcoming vibrant NEW ways to live interdependently. 

Tracy & the Herd