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Equine Guided Education ~ Horse therapy for Humans

What is an Equine Guided Education ? 

In it’s simplest form, EGE integrates equine interactions, somatic experiences, and cognitive reflections in a unique process of personal development.  

 Time with horses, like time in nature, is soothing for our nervous system and brings us into the present moment.  

Communing with Horses in Nature, is a highly effective way to invite healing, welcome learning and experience growth. 

As an equine guided educator, I employ a variety of  healing modalities and land based rituals that will support you to regulate your nervous system, release burdens of stress and overwhelm and explore NEW ways of being.

  Imagine being able to think more clearly – feel emotions without overwhelm and experience more joy and greater peace. 

 Working with horses helps humans internalize how to discharge stress and connect with our wise intuitive selves. 


The MAGIC of Horses 

 Many people are captivated by the magnificence of horses.

 Their power, strength, grace, beauty, freedom, wildness and curiosity, has captivated us for centuries. Horses have evolved from Beasts of Burden,  to Cherished Partners in the healing and evolution of the human spirit.

Many of us are drawn to, and inspired by horses, and therefore compelled to listen to their messages.

Equine communication is often received with a much higher level of openness, then traditional feedback from another person.

There is no agenda with horses. 

They hold no judgements, only curiosity. They meet you in the moment, as you are, animal to animal. 


 Horses are masters of self-regulation, of conserving  energy, of establishing boundaries and honouring their limitations. 

When we spend time with them in nature, we begin to experience ourselves  differently.

Calm. Centred. Balanced. Present. Attuned. Regulated. 

Their inter-dependant way of living; collaborative, creative, curious, confident, clear & kind – invites humans to explore a  YIN or more  feminine way of being.   


What happens during an EGE session, workshop or retreat? 

 All interactions with the horses begin on the ground.

At liberty, where both horse and human are free to move, be, connect and relate in their own way, and at their own pace.

You will be guided through somatic (body centred) practices, and land based rituals that connect body, with mind and spirit. The horses respond to how you show up, what the quality of your energy is like, and how present and centred you are.

They respond to YOU in the moment. They’ll offer non-judgemental feedback, and invite you to connect with your authentic self. 


Guided interactions may include:

  • Contact with a single horse, and/or the herd.  
  • Leading in hand, and grooming activities.
  •  Facilitated Round pen sessions 
  • Mounted moving meditation session (atop a horse)  
  • Pasture yoga/sound healing 

Who is Equine Guided Education (EGE) for?

Are you drawn to nature and the magic of horses? Are you curious to experience the healing power horses possess? 
EGE is ideal for those who’ve explored talk therapy and/or other traditional modalities of healing/therapy without gaining much traction.
It’s for those who are keen on an experiential body based approach to learning and personal development. 
Healers, Wellness Practitioners, Coaches, Parents, Health & Human Services Professionals, Small Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Creatives and OUTSIDE THE BOX thinkers are populations that have positive results from guided time with horses. 

Here's what else you may want to KNOW:

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