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Equine Guided Education

What is an Equine Guided Education? It’s an experience in horse power. A supported interaction where the highly attuned nature of horses – guides, reflects, facilitates or reveals learning, healing or growth.  

We call it HORSE-POWER for humanity.

Whether the interaction is on the ground with the herd, in the round pen with a horse or riding atop in a mounted, moving meditation session – it is the experience of being both HELD and FREE. 

Participants results vary from:

  • Feeling seen and heard
  • Experiencing new ways to release stress
  • Increase of joy and vitality 
  • Processing of grief and complex emotions
  • Self – Compassion and increased Empathy for others
  • Clarity around decision making 
  • Greater confidence 
  • An experiential connection with the divine feminine 
  • An experiential connection with divine masculine energy
  • Feeling supported through a challenging season of life 
  • Feeling a deeper, more authentic connection with self, others and the world 

All Graystar Farms equestrian programming draws on the  size, sensitivity, and social dynamics of horses to support humans to overcome, integrate and thrive.

Our uniquely-designed programs allow you to choose objectives ranging from recreation to deep psychospiritual healing and transformation.

Here is how WE support YOU
on your journey:

What People Are Saying

This farm is located in the territory of the Okanagan Nation, home of the SnPink’tn first nation peoples.