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Equine Guided Education ~ Horse therapy for Humans

What is Equine Guided Education ?

 Time with horses, like time in nature, is soothing for our nervous system and brings us into the present moment. During these fast paced, stressful times many of us live in – supported time in nature, alongside the horses, allows us to re-evaluate who we are and what really matters to us. 

The MAGIC of Horses 

 Many people are captivated by the magnificence of horses.  Their power, strength, grace, beauty, freedom, wildness and curiosity, has captivate us for centuries. Horses have evolved from Beasts of Burden,  to Cherished Partners in the healing and evolution of the human spirit.

Many of us are drawn to, and inspired by horses, and therefore compelled to listen to their messages. Equine communication is often received with a much higher level of openeness, then feedback from another person. 

Clients of equine guided experiences often report feeling lighter, free-er, more at peace and calmer after their time with the herd. 

Horses are masters at self-regulating and inter-dependant living.  The WAY OF THE HORSE invites humans into embodied experiences of calm, clarity, creativity, compassion, curiosity, kindness and confidence. 


What happens? 

 All interactions with the horses begin on the ground. At liberty, where both horse and human are free to connect and relate in their own way, and at their own pace.

You will be guided through somatic practices that connect body, with mind and spirit. The horses respond to how you show up, with non-judgemental feedback. Inviting you to connect with your authentic self, and move with a centred presence. 


Guided interactions include:

  • Interactions with a single horse, and/or the herd.  
  • Leading in hand, and grooming activities.
  •  Facilitated Round pen sessions, can help participants gain clarity or healing on a particular topic or issue.
  • Together, we may explore a therapeutic riding experience atop a horse. A mounted moving meditation session, supports further somatic experiencing and embodiment.    

Who is Equine Guided Education (EGE) for?

Healers, Wellness Practitioners, Coaches, Parents, Health & Human Services Professionals, Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Creatives 
  • Those working with their own/or others mental health 
  • Humans in need of emotional regulation or nervous system training 
  • Those working through their own, or others trauma
  • Individuals processing grief and complex emotions
  • Individuals amidst a major life transition  
  • Women needing support with overwhelm, burnout and fatigue  
  • Relationships in conflict or in need of support  
  • Those feeling an imbalance between their masculine & feminine aspects/energies 
  • Those called to work with, learn from animals in nature
  • Practitioners seeking to amplify their inspiration and increase their capacity 

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