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Healing Retreats with Horses

Horse Time.... an invitation to slow down, notice deeply, and embrace the pace of nature.

The land, and animals have been waiting for this time in history. Where seekers of peace and lovers of Mother Earth reconnect with what it is we’ve lost, or forgotten.

Connection. Intuition.  Compassion. Clarity. Wildness. Freedom.

Tracy GrayStar, a Compassionate Cowgirl  and vision holder of Graystar Wellness Farm offers seasonal day & weekend RETREATS for people from all walks of life who want to explore connecting meaningfully to horses, deeply with nature, and more peacefully with themselves in order to experience a revelation or welcome a transformation.

 Retreats here offer opportunity to:

  • explore land based rituals & ceremonies (Cowgirl Shamanism)
  • Guided experiences with our healing herd
  • Sound healing & mindful movement
  • Nourishing food 
  • Access to our outdoor SPA for restoration and rejuvenation.
  • Stay Onsite OR offsite (accommodations available) 

These single day or weekend offerings  are designed to offer you the time and space you need, to CONNECT with what matters and has meaning for you now.

Together, we’ll explore the power of rest, play and connection in nature.  Cowgirl Shamanism ~ are land based healing practices that have the power to remind you who you are, what your birthright is. Such practices offer you support and guidance in releasing blocks or barriers within. Reclaiming your sovereign nature in NATURE is a potent pathway to more peacefilled living, it’s also how each one of us can help to heal our Earth.   

Participants leave these experiences feeling:

  • Connected, Inspired, Empowered
  • In Alignment with their unique authenticity
  • Deeply supported by the  land and animals
  • Physically, Mentally, Spiritually Relaxed & Restored
  • With new friendships, cheerleaders and community of sisterhood support

Reconnect with what matters to you NOW

Do you find yourself amidst an intense season of life?

Are you:

  • navigating a divorce or relationship end
  • amidst a career shift, or planning a change
  • in a new community, or soon to be making a move
  • experiencing loss or grief
  • experiencing illness or chronic pain 
  • healing trauma or attending to a wounding
  • living in survival mode, coping with chronic stress & overwhelm 


Maybe you find yourself asking  ‘Am I living on purpose?’ or ‘What do I need to do, to experience FLOW and EASE in my life?’ or ‘How can I let go of these patterns or stories I’m stuck in?’  

If this sounds like you – worry not, you’re not alone. I see you…. Welcome, you belong here.


Here’s why NATURE, HORSES, REST and REFLECTION can help.

Horses possess a magical (other worldly) ability to reflect the deeper inner-workings of the human psyche. They sense spiritual longings and can help to connect you to your own and collective helping spirits.  

Horses have a keen sense of intuition. Their instinctual way of BEING in the world can offer humans who engage with them important sensory information that benefits us personally, professionally and most of all spiritually.   They share their compassionate heart in such profound ways that it enables humans to experience safety, belonging protection, guidance and insight. This deep support and honest reflection invites you to let go of outdated concepts about who you should be and how you should live. Instead ushering in ideas and visions of what else may be possible. 

Time interacting with them in the sacred embrace of nature, allows you to re-find your creative connection to life, helping you re-ignite inspiration, so you can dream into reality the next chapter of your life.  

Interacting with horses inspires profound insights into how aligned you are with your values and intentions. Also, where old stories, habits or ways of thinking and behaving might be blocking your ability to show up effectively in your relationships and life.

Through both passive and  interactive rituals and practices, plus time and space to simply BE with the herd, and commune with the land.

 The focus of our retreats & offerings is NOT about learning horsemanship skills or practicing riding horses.  It’s about getting in touch with your younger, curious and  imaginative self. It’s about connecting with your wise inner elder, your ancestors and spirit guides.

Imagine being SO connected to what has heart and meaning  that creating new perspectives and living your life on purpose flows naturally with ease and grace. 


Practices & Theory’s that our work here is informed by: 

  • Somatic Experiencing, Poly Vagal Theory, Somatic Breathwork, Mindful & Moving Meditations, Forest Bathing, Restorative Yoga, Sound/Vibrational Healing, Trauma Informed Care, Internal Family Systems Theory, Law of attraction, Living Stories & Cowgirl Shamanism ~ Land based rituals for healing 

Is a Healing with Horses Retreat Experience for YOU?

What you will receive:

  • Farm fresh and locally sourced nourishing lunches & snacks (evenings are yours to explore the landscape and community) 
  • Gentle restorative outdoor movement practice
  •  Sound healing Rituals
  • Forest bathing & Journal/Reflection time  
  • A Round Pen Equine Attunement Experience (1-1 session facilitated with Tracy & a horse))
  • Opportunity to witness AND Experience the Equine guided embodiment process
  • FREE time to integrate, explore local wineries, visit local lakes & beaches 
  • Copy of Tracy’s Book – WOMEN WHO WALK WITH HORSES (Healing through Horse Wisdom)  
  • (Add on – ACCOMODATIONS & SPA) Option to stay ONSITE, in our farm chic Accommodations & experience our stunning Outdoor Spa.  Land in either our cozy farm house, or 2 bedroom farm cottage (private & shared room options available) + Access to Outdoor Thermal Spa each evening & breakfasts each morning 

Tracy Graystar ~ Compassionate Cowgirl and practitioner of Cowgirl Shamanism ~ Land based rituals for healing

Tracy GrayStar

Steward of sacred lands, Vision holder of Graystar Farms healing sanctuary,  Equine Guided Educator  – Compassionate Cowgirl and  practitioner of Cowgirl Shamanism, land based rituals for healing. 

 Tracy is a long time advocate of connecting humans with horses for mutual healing and growth. She believes deeply that horses healing humans, will help bring healing to the earth. 

As a child, family & youth counsellor for 20+yrs,  Tracy’s passion is for empowering  humans to claim their freedom,  embody their wildness, own their power and connect to their unique creativity.  

Along with her formal education (BA in Counselling Children, Youth & Families) She’s a seeker in the spiritual realm. As a certified Restorative Yoga Teacher, Equine Coach,  Equestrian Vaulting Instructor, Equine Guided Educator and student of Somatic Experiencing for Trauma, Pilates and Sound Healing, she is a lifelong learner and student of the mystical realm.  

You can find out more about Tracy’s story and Graystar Farms creation by clicking on her image. 

Yeehaw ! We're excited to welcome you here

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APRIL 22 10:00 – 4:00 (Day Retreat)

MAY  26, 27, 28 (Weekend Retreat)

SEPTEMBER 23   10:00 – 4:00 (Day Retreat)

OCTOBER   13, 14, 15 (Weekend Retreat)

Weekend Retreats




Uplevel your experience and Stay onsite. 

Bed, Breakfast + 2 nights Accommodations + Access to Outdoor Thermal Spa  + (add on $497) 

Prefer a PAYMENT PLAN ? No problem.

Connect with TRACY HERE for payment plan options.

*Retreat investments are non refundable. If you are not able to make the retreat, you are able to forward the investment to future retreat experiences OR transfer it to a friend. Please read our terms & conditions below. All participants will be required to complete waivers prior to participation in Graystar Wellness farm offerings.

 QUESTIONS about itinerary, dietary concerns or special requests ? 

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We gratefully acknowledge that this farm is located in the territory of the Okanagan Nation, home of the SnPink’tn first nation peoples. We are honoured to live and work on these sacred lands. 

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