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Equestrian Vaulting, Kids Camps, Western Riding and Horsemanship

As a Coach, Counselor & Educator for over 20+ years, I'm committed to promoting and sharing educational environments for Horses & Humans.

On the ground. Through horsemanship and a horse-handling practices that promote:

  • Compassionfor yourself, others, collective environment
  • Confidence  – the ability to experience success AND the resiliency to navigate failure 
  • Connection  to discern your vast feeling state, enhance emotional/social intelligence AND create/sustain meaningful relationships 

Humans who spend time learning from Horses, experience an Equine Guided Education.  

Such learning can powerfully shape our young people, through holistic experiences in awareness, sensory stimulation, executive functioning acquisition and age/stage appropriate  coaching and supports.

Horse-Play is the WAY
Spring Break & Summer Horse-Play Camps

Horse-Play camps are an excellent opportunity to provide both beginner and intermediate horse lovers a safe, meaningful and diverse equine experience.


Camp experiences involve opportunities for:

  • peer/student mentoring
  • western riding
  • trail riding 
  • equestrian vaulting (think yoga + acro on horseback) 
  • stable management duties
  • arts & crafts
  • nature based education
  • swimming (we have a pool!) 
  • Room & Board (Juniour Leaders only) 


SUMMER  Week long Day Camp Investment $497

SUMMER Weekend Camp Investment $297 

 JUNIOR LEADERSHIP SUMMER CAMP Investment $597  (Includes: room & board, small group lessons, daily trail rides)


 SPACE IS LIMITED to 6 participants per camp.

AUGUST 12, 13, 14 (Weekend Camp) 8:00am – 12:00 pm  $297 

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Equine Vaulting Programs

Welcome to the sport of Equestrian Vaulting. If you’re curious about what Vaulting is check out EVA BC’s website  – HERE 

This is the Equine Vaulting Association of BC’s website. It’s the best place to explore what happening in the vaulting world and find answers to questions you may have about this sport.

As a certified and insured therapeutic, recreational and competitive Vaulting coach for over 15+ years – This is what I’ve discovered over 20+ years in the Equine Industry;

Vaulting is the very BEST way to introduce equine enthusiasts (of any age & ability) to the art AND sport of riding horses.


All vaulting sessions include:

  • Horse care & barn chores (grooming, cleaning)
  • Warm-up on gym mats, practice skills on vaulting barrels (dynamic and static movement sequences)
  • Horse turns – practicing new skills up on the horse. 


Vaulters cycle through 2-4 turns on the horse over a 90 minuet small group (4-7) session. 

Private sessions are 75 min length and address any number of issues or skills the individual is seeking support with. 

Vaulting teaches riders to:

  • Find a genuine connection to center (and move from there)
  • Find balance at walk, trot, canter
  • Move freely and with creativity and thought, atop their horses body
  • Dismount from numerous physical positions (learn how to fall properly) 
  • Uplevel their confidence 
  • Ride with no stirrups or reins (like bareback, but with handles and a pad) 
  • Connect with their horses gaits and movement 
  • Develop or enhance a sense of feel and rhythm
  • Embrace the unexpected
  • Ride as a team, community, collective

MONDAYS 4:00 – 5:45 Competition/Performance Vaulting Club 

WEDNESDAYS 3:30 – 5:00  Recreational/Beginner Western Riding & Horsemanship Class 

Private/Semi-Private Equestrian Vaulting (or kids Horse-Play Sessions)

75minuet private or small group sessions that introduce participants (ages 5 – 65) to the art and sport of riding horses.

Perfect for a first time equine mounted experience. No riding expertise is needed. 

An affinity for movement practices (dance, acro, yoga or pilates) is a bonus – but not a necessity. 

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