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As a guest at our wellness farm, you'll experience deep relaxation and rejuvenation through our Nordic inspired outdoor wood-fired spa.

Our Outdoor Thermal Spa includes:

  • Wood-fired Hot-tub (with a Himalayan salt wall) 
  • Wood-fired Hot Tub
  • Outdoor Shower (weather dependant)
  • Cold Plunge (weather dependant)
  • Fire Pit (with a seating area for 6-8 people) 

The benefits of a Thermal Spa Experience

Surrounded by pine trees, mountain views, and  peek-a-boo glimpses of our neighbourhood lake, you’ll find Graystar Spa. 

Top 10 Benefits of a Nordic Spa Circuit:

  • Boosts your immune system 
  • Detoxifies your body
  • Soothes sore muscles and joints
  • Deep clean & tightening of skin
  • Improves circulation and metabolism 
  • Supports improvement in digestion
  • Supports better sleeps
  • Feel relaxed and refreshed
  • Improves breathing & respiration 
  • Supports athletic performance & recovery 

How does it work?

Guests of Graystar Wellness Farm who are staying onsite in the cottage, have free to access the Outdoor Spa. We fire the Spa up for you the first time –  and you’re welcome to stoke  your own fires after that. 

We provide the firewood and kindling – you get to decide when and for how long, you’d like to access the spa area. (Guest spa guide is available in the cottage AND emailed upon booking) 

What is a Nordic Spa? 

For thousands of years, Scandinavians relax amidst the beauty of nature in hot springs and rivers. The hot-cold contrast of their bathing practice provides numerous health benefits and total relaxation.

This traditional hot-cold-relaxation circuit is now commonly known as the Nordic bath circuit, Nordic spa treatment, or an Outdoor Thermal Spa experience. These types of spas are located near forests, along rivers, and by mountains, providing spectacular views of nature while guests complete the invigorating and relaxing circuit.

This Nordic circuit starts with heating the body by working up a sweat in a sauna, spa, hot tub, or steam room. Next comes the cold of plunging into a cold river or outdoor cold plunge. Finally, to bring the body back to its regular state, the last part of the circuit involves relaxation in a spa, steam bath, or wrapped in a bathrobe by the fire, enjoying the serene natural environment.

Guests attending retreats or workshops here also have access to the Spa as part of our Wellness Farm Offerings. 

If you’d like to book the Spa for your own PRIVATE EVENT – please contact us directly to do so (based on availability) 

Steam - Soak - Plunge - Rest -Repeat


There can be Contra-indications for participating in a Nordic Spa Experience.

  •  If you have pre-existing medical conditions, are pregnant, or have just recovered from illness or are taking prescription medications – you should check with your Doctor or Health Advisor to ensure a Nordic Spa experience is supportive to your health and will not cause you harm.
  • Guests who access the Spa, do so at their own risk.
  • Guests 18 & under are not permitted in the Spa area alone.
  • Consuming Alcohol/drugs before a Spa session is not recommended. 

What Spa Guests Are Saying

This farm is located in the territory of the Okanagan Nation, home of the SnPink’tn first nation peoples.