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Vacation Cottage Rentals

Welcome to Graystar Wellness Farm & Outdoor Thermal Spa - Your Cozy Cottage in the forest Retreat Space

Farm Chic Guest Cottage

As you turn onto Saddlehorn Drive,  your gaze lifts and your welcomed by mount Parker.  A feeling of both held by nature and free to BE, settles into your marrow. 

You follow the sign, up the gently sloping driveway towards Graystar Farms. You know you are heading towards something special . 

You park at the COTTAGE (parking sign) and wander towards the charming farm chic chalet.  Greeted by epic forest views, and the refreshing sound of silence.

Inside this newly renovated Guest house & Outdoor Spa – your system settles. You instantly relax, as you settle in for some much needed rest, peace and ease.  



This 2 bedroom Chalet, has everything you’ll need for a short stay, or a longer farm visit. The updated kitchen has all of the amenities you’ll need to eat and feast in comfort.

The cozy living room looks out onto the gated patio, the open concept design feels easy to get cozy in. 

There is a full bathroom, with shower and tub and the neighbouring 2 bedrooms offer convenient space for storing your belongings. The Queen beds are appointed with crisp new linens for your ultimate comfort. 

There is an air conditioner installed (for the summer heat) and the space is heated  by electric baseboards. Staying cool or staying warm is as easy as turning a knob. 

Wifi is available, as is a TV with streaming services. There is a washer/dryer available in the cottage and you’ll also find a games cupboard (cards, books, boardgames…) for your enjoyment. 


The Outdoor Thermal Spa 

Cottage guests are welcome to access the Nordic inspired Outdoor Thermal Spa during your stay.  

READ MORE HERE about our custom built Thermal Spa & it’s many benefits. 

We’ll  gladly get the Wood-Fired Sauna & Hot-Tub fired up for you upon arrival (A Spa tour once you’ve settles in). 

You are welcome to light your own fires and enjoy the restorative outdoor space as desired. 

We are your hosts! A conscious couple, who’ve said ‘see ya later’ to soul draining commutes and mindless online shopping. Covid inspired us to follow the nudge of our intuition, and embark on creating a life we don’t need a holiday from. We are simply fantastic at curating a vibrant farm stay experience for you on this peaceful parcel of land, in the heart of wine and lake country. 

What we love to do, is combine our knack for being amazing hosts with our inner desire to support those seeking restorative and rejuvenating spaces to land in. 

During the Spring/Summer Seasons, we are happy to connect you with highly recommended Okanagan experiences.


 * A package of riding lessons

* A therapeutic Horse Power experience 

* Horse-Play lesson for the kiddos OR whole family.

* Ebike rentals, Cycling Tours & Snowshoe Tours 

* Food & Wine Tours

Book in for a weekend or tap into Okanagan farm living for a luxuriously longer stay. 

During the fall/winter season our soon to arrive wood fire sauna, wood fire hot tub and outdoor shower and fire pit offer you a deep restoration while enjoying a quiet, cozy cottage in the woods vibe

Beauty. Simplicity. Nature. Connection.

Every day is a good day to be on the farm.

Are you a teacher/workshop leader/healer or uniquely skilled maven seeking a quaint and cozy space to host an intimate healing oriented retreat alongside horses? 

Fantastic, Welcome! We play well with others, and are thrilled to collaborate with you to create a sacred space to move, play, connect and explore our gifts of holding space together. 

We offer a collaborative accommodation space available that can host between 5-8 people. Alongside our equine offerings, Tracy has a yoga/teaching studio that is perfect for gathering together in a comfortable indoor and private sacred container.

If you are seeking a venue for an intimate Horse-Inspired wedding or special event – lets chat more! Please schedule a call below OR send us a detailed message via the CONTACT US page. 

What People Are Saying

This farm is located in the territory of the Okanagan Nation, home of the SnPink’tn first nation peoples.